This was the first Habbo homepage, started in March of 2001 for the Habbo UK community. It featured contests, artwork, pixel alterations, real photos of habbos, forums, and the most used thing here, the Blacklist of scammers and bad traders. At our peak, we had about 550 unique hits per day and 450 forum users. The site was closed down in 2003 because I didn't have the time to update, I was frustrated that other sites were stealing my content, and I'd quit playing.

I am still around, though I do not play these days. When I come on, I get a lot of questions about the past, people interested in what used to be on this site, etc. I decided to come back and add a few of the things that made this site great so that the current Habbo generation can see what the first folks were all about. The time before scams, people pretending to be babies and mobsters, and the bobba filter was a really awesome time.

~RedVelvet, Former Queen of Habbo and Retired Superhobba

PS: Have any old content from the site? Mail it to me.


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